Portable Leeb Hardness Tester LM500

Portable leeb hardness tester use the impact body of certain weight impacts against the testing surface under certain spring force, leeb hardness means the ratio of the impacting velocity and the rebounding velocity of the impact body when the spherically test tip is located 1 mm above the testing surface.


Big data show,clear to see.

Can show three hardness scale at the same time,no need to change the scale.

Curve interface can show latest 10 impact data,it is more convenient to view the object uniformity.

Can store 11000groups data,each group includes 1~8 impact result.The average data will be displayed in three hardness scale,and also can show max,min,and max error of this group data,it is useful for people to analyze the results.

Portable Leeb Hardness Tester Parameter

Display Color High Definition 3.15inch QVGA(320*240Lattice)IPS screen
Measuring Method Leeb Hardness Testing Method
Hardness Scale HL, HB, HRB,HRC,HV,HS,σb
Measuring Range HLD(200-960) HRC(19.8-68.5) HRB(13.5-100) HB(30-651) HV(80-976) HS(26.4-99.5) σb(375-2639)
Impact Device D type impact device(Standard); Optional:C/G/DC/DL
Accuracy <±6HLD(HLD=800)
Repeatability Error <6HLD(HLD=800)
Measuring Direction 360degree by manual setting
Material Steel and Cast Steel,Stainless Steel,Gray cast iron,cast aluminium alloy,nodular cast iron,macht metal,copper-tin alloy,pure copper
Resolution 1HL,1HV,1HB,0.1HRB,0.1HRC,0.1HS
Language Chinese,English,Japanese,French,Italy
Memory 200files,11000groups(each group includes 1-8 testing result and 1AVE value)
Communication USB port
Software Built-in
Power 2AA battery
Working Temperature -10~+50℃
Size 153*76*37mm(H*W*D)
Weight 242g include battery
Warranty 12 months
Standard GB/T 17394-1998,ASTM A956