Plant Photosynthesis Analyzer 3051C

Plant photosynthesis analyzer is for study of photosynthetic rate,CO2,absorption technique can be used to conduct non-destructive test against samples in a real time manner due to its reliable theory and high sensitiveness.we have been engaged in production of infrared gas analyzer for decades and have provided many high precision CO2 analyzers to universities and institutes,some of which are used for photosynthesis and respiration study.As single function gas analyzer is not easy for use and for providing convenience to users,we have,through years of efforts,researched and developed photosynthesis tester that integrates laptop and gas analyzer and combines computation and storage functions of laptop with infrared CO2 analyzer,temperature sensor and light sensor to measure and calculate photosynthesis, respiration,evaporation and other indices of plant.

3051C plant photosynthesis meter is mainly applicable to lab measurement and also applicable to short-time tracking measurement of green plant photosynthesis in field and can record CO2,humidity,sunlight,temperature of leaf chamber and blade and calculate photosynthetic rate,water evaporation,water utilization,stomatal resistance and other value.User may save data recorded as necessary to facilitate analysis of measuring result.


Can test photosynthesis rate,steaming rate,stomatal conductance,and CO2 density of Plant.

The software will show the data in curve type, easy to operate.

Both AC and DC are available.

Light weight, small volume, very portable.

It receives real-time data collected by sensors depending on communication between laptop and CO2analyzer and leaf chamber to realize rapid data collection and accurate calculation.

Friendly software interface displays real-time curve of sensors and can be operated easily.

High battery capacity enables long time of operation.User may add solar panel for field recharging in particular circumstances.

User may conduct closed-circuit photosynthesis,open-circuit photosynthesis,closed-circuit respiration, open-circuit respiration and other environmental factor associated collection and documentation as necessary.

Compact leaf chamber equipped with a range of leaf and chamber components which can be ordered by user separately.

Easy for use,small footprint,lightweight and portable.Gas and electric circuits are wired clearly.Operation mode and measurement and calculation results can be displayed explicitly.

Plant photosynthesis analyzer Parameter

CO2 Resolution:0.1ppm



Relative Humidity Resolution:0.1%



Temperature Resolution:0.1℃



Light Resolution:1UE



Power Supply Recharging source:220V

Recharging time:12h

Service time:at least 2h

Laptop:recharging time 2h

Service time:3h

Working voltage of instrument:6v,4AHNI-MH battery

Gas Pipe Length 1.2m