Plant Chlorophyll Meter TYS-A

Plant Chlorophyll Meter TYS-A can measure the Chlorophyll content of plants immediately. And you can also see the data on LCD liquid crystal display. Chlorophyll content and leaf nitrogen content has a very close relationship. The instrument is conductive to impose reasonable nitrogen and improve the utilization of nitrogen. So this purpose can be to protect the environment, especially water resources, rather than using too much nitrogen fertilizers.

Plant Chlorophyll Meter Parameter

Measurement Samples Different kinds of plant leaves
Measurement Area Ф10mm (sensor area:2mm*2mm)
Measurement Way 2-wavelength optical concentration difference mode
Sensors Si semiconductor photodiode
Display Measurement: LCD show 3 figures

Measurement times: LCD show 2 figures

Time interval of measurement Less than 2 seconds
Measuring range 0.0-99.9 SPAD
Accuracy ±1.0 SPAD(Room temperature,SPAD0-50)
Repeatability ±0.3 SPAD (Room temperature,SPAD 0-50)
Reproducibility ±0.5 SPAD (Room temperature,SPAD 0-50)
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
Stored Temperature -20~~55℃
Memory capacity 2GB/SD Card
Battery 4.2V/2000mah
Battery life Can be measured more than 20,000 times