Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Oil Content Analyzer HCY-20

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Oil Content Analyzer HCY-20 is a dedicated appliance used in oil content measurement for oil crops.This hi-tech product is based on NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) technology, developed under embedded platform, and fully applies DSP (Digital Signal Processing).

Easy Use, High Accuracy and Rapid Measurement are advantages of HCY-20. Compare to other NMR based products, Frequency Self-Locked patent technology enables HCY-20 to operate without manual frequency tuning, hence reduces errors and greatly enhances measurement accuracy and stability.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Oil Content Analyzer Features

1.Apply high performance Samsung ARM9 processor,core frequency is 400MHz and advanced WinCE system.

2.The device comes with 7 inch color LCD screen,simple operation interface,fashion, mouse+keyboard, operation is same with computer.

3.Apply latest popular parts,in line with industrial standards,low failure rate.

4.High accuracy and stability, it takes 30s each measurement after drying.

5.Fewer manual intervention, software adjusts frequency automatically, user-friendly operation guide step by step, so intelligent and easy to use. Don’t worry to cause any manual errors.

6.Strong anti-interference, can be running under high EMI condition.

7.Powerful printed function, results can be printed via embedded printer or saved to U-disk and then transferred to PC for post-handling.

8.Easy maintenance, update software can be downloaded to U-disk from our website. Update will be done in 10 minutes by plugging the U-disk to USB port in the machine.

9.Green product, the total power is 40W, no harm to human.

10.Wide measurement range, including soybean, rapeseed, sesame, corn, cottonseed, peanut, sunflower seed, oil tea seed, tung seed, etc.


Sample Content 40mL
Sample Oil Content Range 0.05%~100%
Measuring Precision ±0.2%
Measuring Stability ±0.1%
Power 220V/50Hz,≤40W
Operation Temperature -10℃~+40℃