Leaf Area Meter YMJ-A/YMJ-B

Leaf area meter is a convenient, portable instrument which can be used outside.

It can precisely and quickly measure the leaf area and relative parameter without damage to the leaf,and it also can test picked leaves.It is widely used in agriculture,meteorology,forestry and other filed.

Leaf Area Meter Characteristics

Integrated design of tester and sensor,more convenient to operate.

Microcomputer technology,LCD display.

High-performance built-in rechargeable lithium battery,no external power supply, low voltage display,more suitable for field measurements.

Can test large leaf (1000mm*155mm).

Can store 250 group data (leaf area,leaf length,leaf width).

Available leaf parameter:area,average area,length,width.

With RSR232 interface,can connect with PC.(B type is available)


Measuring Range Leaf area, average area, length of leaf, width of leaf,ratio of length and width of leaf area
Precision ≤2%
Area Unit cm²
Resolution 0.01cm²
Length ≤1000mm
Width ≤155mm
Thickness 3mm
Data Capacity 250Groups
Power 4*AA

Model Difference

Model Difference
YMJ-A Without computer interface
YMJ-B RS-232 connects to PC,data can be converted to excel and print