Study on Photosynthesis Rate of Arabian Cron By Photosynthesis Instrument

Plant photosynthesis analyzer plays an important role in reflecting plant growth when studying plant photosynthesis rate and efficiency.So how the photosynthesis analyzer works in actual operation?Now briefly introduce the analysis of photosynthesis analyzer on arabian cron.

The main purpose of studying plant photosynthesis is improve plant photosynthesis rate,so as to increase yield.The results show that photosynthesis rate of arabian cron is a fluctuating curve under sunny condition in summer.The larger value of Pn appears at 11:00am,is 30.88 mol CO2/(m20s) and the smaller value is 0.417mol CO2/(m20s) at 21:00.By using photosynthesis analyzer,we can find that arabian cron photosynthesis will appear “noon break” between 13:00 and 16:00,photosynthesis rate and PAR are out of sync.Photosynthesis is a very complex process,Net photosynthetic rate of leaves is closely related to its own factors such as chlorophyll content,leaf thickness and leaf maturity.It is also affected by temperature,illumination,stomatal conductance,transpiration rate and air relative humidity.

Through study of environmental factors affecting on photosynthesis rate by plant photosynthesis analyzer,it is found that temperature,transpiration rate and stomatal conductance are positive with Pn;humidity is negatively correlated with Pn,which is consistent with the research on other plants.And illumination directly affect the temperature,therefore,the most important environmental factors for Pn is temperature and illumination.

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